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The dreaming doesn't stop when your young

As a child I could never stop dreaming. My whole world existed on imagination. The idea to envision a concept and make it your reality is grounds alone that all of us are unique. 

Imagination is key.

Then over the years dreaming, imagining became uncool. I had to face reality and not my dream world. I found out that in this uncomforting and daunting world that imagination couldn't be allowed. Dreamers was for the birds. 

And that is not true.
A false statement.

I have a dream that I could heal the wounds of peoples past hurts that I could give enough love so that they could move on and breathe. The people i encounter today have no beliefs , have no faith let alone dream.

I can believe it.

We get caught up into everyday thinking , everyday logic. Its hard to see past the next hours let alone future. Bills, Cars, Celebrties, current sate affairs of the world, stress, family life. When I was young, I was encouraged to dream, to make a difference, to set my heart alone on the efforts to be my unique self. Its hard to breathe let alone believe nowadays. 

Who can we look to as an examples. The best leadership is by example.
I cannot stress that enough.

As a former basketball player, I looked to the playing styles of Michael Jordon, Jason Williams, Jason Kidd, Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter to influence my game. I followed them on and off the court. Because they were my respective role models.

As a music enthusiast, I fell for Jamiroquai, Metallica, The Roots, early on. My heroes in the wrestling world were Brett "The Hitman" Hart, Hulk Hogan, Dean Malenko, Diesel, Taz , Razor Ramone and so on.
Tiger Woods, Venus and Serena Williams
Football: Barry Sanders and Donovan McNabb
Rollerblading: Nick Riggle and Fabiola Da Silva.
Olympic athletes: Marion Jones and Michael Phelps

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Quantum Leap, 

Role Models and Role Influencer were agents of change in my process of thinking. I grew up as these people, places, things as my favorites. My treasured emblems. But things change. People change. Times changes.

But these people dont. 

I remember these people in their hey day. When everything was solid and gold. Its hard to believe my heroes have gone away since it was only been 10 years since I last saw them visible to me. Music isn't the same. Rightfully so its the way of the cosmic joke of the universe. My heroes don't change they are just re birthed.

I'm no kid anymore. And yet I cannot hold any exception to having defining heroes today into the future. All I ask is for we as a people to take a personal responsibility a personal respect and personal obligation to our past selves our present selves and future selves to believe in heroics and little miracles by just doing the right thing. Because while we were younger I wouldn't expect that from my heroes and I'm sure as fans our heroes wouldn't expect that from us.

Our heroes may have faults but understand true whole heartedly where their core authentic self results from.The smallest detail makes a difference. Minor effects major. Change will continue to come.

All I ask is to follow these ideals:

Follow your heart, follow your dreams,
Never give up
Believe  in your faith regardless of any  circumstance. Never let your faith falter.
Be your best self for your past, present and future,
Don't let anyone tell you how to live , you are the best expert of your self.
Always continue to hope and dream because you are closer to your goal than you like to think.
Fear no one and no thing, it is a disabler.
Love yourself. Love another.

Thank you. Peace and Blessings.




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