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3 years later

 I fought with you thick and thin
Rode with your punches, left jabs and right hooks.
I've been knocked around and unconcious 
got the the battlewoounds to show and prove 
got the years of experience to display the heart of this champion
warriors rides

Tamika I love you .
I loved you since the day we had our first conversation
I've tried to say goodbye just to say hello

And though we've beenn down this road before. And its been frightening and downright terrifying what we have seen and been through.
Love overrides and triumphs in victory.
Maybe I'm crazy
out of the loop and  downright insane
But I can't let you go if it is all the same.

And yeah we're a part. It sucks.
Gives me the fucking blues.
I want to show you the charming ,dashing man I can be.
And that I'm the man you've been waiting for to whisk you off your feet.
Like a fairy tale.. 
a dream come true
I want you baby
a forever and I do.

Its funny.
Love makes you do the whacky. But if its all the same.
I'm just whacky about you.
You make me laught
we share some crazy hella good times.
But no matter how much you make me mad
I'm love dunk on you
And I don't want it to become jaded

I want it to be passionate and make sense
I want to be done all these dumb games and lonely nights
Our memories, want to constantly reproduce
create new ones and cherish the old
I hate being without you and when you are gone

i don't want to say

I've got to have patience
since we both are ordinary human beings
we make mistakes 
and constantly try to repair 
we want to do better 
and be more than who we were yesterday

Yet we fall, but we learn to get back up
So yeah. Please forgive me.
I make fuck ups just like you
I might not understand

But I want to learn and grow with you have you as me as a commited life partner
So, Yeah I'm asking a lot
because I see it in you and us

That as two individuals we can make this work
The past is the past let it be
I promise to let you know that we can do this
We can have a dream come true

Walk with me
so we can learn to show each other new things
to new heights
I love you
I want to make love to you for as long as I'm on this earth
Maybe you've been through a lot. 
Shit happens
I don't know because you don't talk to me.
But if you let me in and let me be able to help you.
we can learn to move mountains together

Life is too short to let this go just like that
I know your crazy. I am just the same.

So why don't you let me in to hold you today.



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